Discover our Solutions to wine shelf-life challenges

–  By Magali Koralewski

Faults such as TCA, oxidation and reduction not only cause the loss of wine bottles but also of all of the resources that were put to use to create them.

The wine industry is intimately related to nature and the year-long process of growing a grapevine can be easily lost because of these faults.

Vinventions was the first company to solve the problem of cork-taint by developing the TCA- free Nomacorc closure. While this was Vinventions’ first contribution to reducing spoilage in the industry, we were also the first company to solve reduction and oxidation faults through oxygen management. Today, thanks to our innovations, Vinventions offers the most advanced closure range in the industry providing controlled and consistent oxygen ingress to manage the wine evolution and the sensory experience winemakers intend.

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We dedicated a webinar on this topic as well !


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