Register to our webinar on oxygen management through closure selection

–  By Magali Koralewski



Oxygen management through closure selection is a critical step in managing wine shelf-life.

Vinventions is proud to offer the Nomacorc line of closures - scientifically studied and proven to be the most effective closures available for managing oxygen ingress.

Learn from our 15 years of research on closure oxygen ingress and discover how to better manage the evolution of bottled wines.


Register today for our February 24, 2022 (09:00 a.m. PT) webinar dedicated to oxygen management through closure selection, when our experts will answer:

  • What is closure oxygen ingress?
  • How does oxygen ingress influence wine evolution?
  • What are the best solutions for the most sensitive wines?

Once registered, you will receive an email containing all the instructions to connect to this webinar.

Join us, we look forward to sharing our expertise with you and answering any questions you may have.



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