2019 Wine Marketing Awards -- "Vinnie" Winners Announced

July 1, 2020 (SONOMA, CA) Vinventions, the global leader of Wine Closure Solutions, in partnership with Wine Business Monthly, Sonoma State University and Cork Supply is pleased to announce the 2019 Wine Marketing Awards, aka Vinnie winners.  The Vinnies recognizes brands and companies bringing innovation, inspiration and ground-breaking ideas to the wine industry.  

"Following the success and momentum from the first Wine Marketing Awards, we received even more submissions for this year’s event,” said Mary Jo Dale, Vinventions vice president of Wine Marketing Solutions.  “The judges were so impressed with both the creativity and caliber of the content.  Our industry has made great strides in recent years, with even more innovation expected in the years ahead.”

Awards were given in the following categories:

Print/Creative Advertising
Winner: A to Z Wineworks - A to Z 2018 Print Campaign, Contextual Ads
Finalist: Hahn Family Wines - What Does Soccer Have to Do with Making Great Wines?

“A to Z Wineworks, a Best for the World B Corp, has a dual mission: to offer the highest quality wine for the greatest sustainable value while combining commerce with conscience.  We hope our contextual ads help to inspire action during challenging times by supporting responsible journalism and encouraging thoughtful, respectful discourse.  We are proud to receive the Vinnie Award for this work.”  - Deb Hatcher, Founding partner, Marketing, A to Z Wineworks

Digital Marketing
Winner: Franzia - Franz for Life
Finalist: O'Neill Vintners - Robert Hall, James Bond

“Friendships have been made around a box of Franzia for generations, which is why it’s been the world’s most popular wine for a quarter century. Bringing the Franz For Life story to life in a memorable manner that was different than a typical wine ad was a lot of fun, and we were thrilled with the results and the feedback from our franz across the nation.” – Collin Cooney, Marketing Director, The Wine Group

Experiential Marketing
Winner: Wine Australia - Far from Ordinary
Finalist: Sequoia Grove Winery - Sequoia Grove Winery Terroir Tasting

“We are thrilled to be recognized for our Far From Ordinary campaign. We knew we needed to do something different to meet our objective of perception change and we wanted to bring an Australian wine experience to the USA in an impactful and memorable way. Tapping into the insight that there is nowhere better to taste a wine than the place it’s made, we created an immersive Australian wine tasting, where guests were transported beyond the glass to journey through the sights, sounds and smells of the wine’s terroir.” Bella Howe – Senior Brand and Marketing Manager

Integrated Marketing
Winner: Kendall Jackson - Kendall-Jackson White Wine Emoji Campaign
Finalist: Jordan Vineyard & Winery - Air Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Limited Edition Sneakers

“Kendall-Jackson’s campaign for the White Wine Emoji is a great example of what can happen when a brand can turn and speak the language of their consumer.  By gathering the support of other wine industry partners across the globe and integrated marketing, digital and PR efforts, the campaign will eventually bring white wine into the modern communication language of emoji.” – Maggie Curry, Director of Marketing, Kendall-Jackson

Best of Show
The Family Coppola - The Red Stain

“Often times wine can be the catalyst for some of life’s greatest journeys and The Red Stain allows our audience to escape to a world filled with desires and rich imagination.” –Corey Beck, CEO, The Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Vinventions and its partners would like to congratulate the winners on their contributions to the wine industry and thank all those who entered.

To view the award winners’ submissions, click here.

About the Vinnies:
The Vinnie Awards were created in 2018 to honor excellence in wine marketing at the inaugural 2018 Wine Marketing Awards hosted by Vinventions in partnership with Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute and media partner Wine Business Monthly. The goal of the Wine Marketing Awards is to summon a body of marketing innovation that can serve as inspiration for its peers and to recognize the best marketing minds in the wine industry. www.winemarketingawards.com

About Vinventions:
Vinventions is the leading provider of complete wine closure solutions, offering best-in-class sustainable, high-performance closures and enological tools and services. Its portfolio includes seven product and services brands uniquely designed to maximize performance, design and sustainability and support the diverse requirements of still and sparkling wine producers worldwide. Vinventions’ innovative brands span every major closure category including Nomacorc PlantCorcs™, Ohlinger natural corks and SÜBR micro-agglomerate corks, premium Vintop and Alplast screwcaps, and Syntek synthetic corks. The performance of Vinventions product brands are further enhanced by the Wine Quality Solutions oxygen management consulting and phenolic measuring devices and Wine Marketing Solutions marketing services and consumer insights. Find out more at https://us.vinventions.com/.

Contact: Mary Jo Dale – mj.dale@vinventions.com

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